Skull Towers - Castle Defense


Grab your bow and start annihilating the undead


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Skull Towers - Castle Defense is a fun tower defense game where you've got to put your aim to the test and defend your castle from the skeletons and zombies assailing it. With its meticulous graphics and super fun theme, you can spend hours entertaining yourself as you sharpen your sights.

The gameplay in Skull Towers - Castle Defense is very simple, although you'll need a bit of practice if you want to advance through the different levels. As in any other tower defense game, here you've got to set your defenses along the different paths that lead to your castle. The big difference compared to similar games is that it's you and your marksmanship that are the main defenders here. You're placed in the center of the screen where your bow is displayed with arrows and you have to manually aim at all the skeletons appearing on the screen. The different defensive towers will sap your opponents' life bars, but it's your arrows that definitively take them down.

To make use of your bow you have to tap the screen and, without picking up your finger, slide your sights over your enemy. Ensure you calculate the distance between your position and that of the skeleton, as if you miss you'll waste precious moments. As you beat levels and kill enemies, you'll get coins to help you upgrade your arrows, bows, and defenses along the path.
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